Our guy Kevin McDermott LOST THE TIP OF HIS PINKY tonight! AHHH!!!! 🤢

Photo: Getty Images

There was an interesting moment in the middle of tonight's game when Vikings long snapper Kevin McDermott was not on the field for a Vikings extra point and then the next punt for the team.

Reports came quickly out of L.A. that McDermott was back in the Vikings locker room getting his finger stitched up after an injury that resulted in a lot of blood. 

Well, now we know exactly what happened and it's gross. 

According to ESPN's Courntey Cronin, McDermott lost the tip of his pinky finger in a player's facemask and returned to play after getting it stitched up!

The good folks at PFT watched back the film last night to try and find the play where it happened and they isolated the first Dan Bailey kick that went off then goal post and in. On that play, it appears as if Kevin got his hand stuck between the helmets of Rams DT Michael Brockers and Vikings OL Tom Compton. He immediately pulled his hand back and ran to the sidelines.

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