REPORT: Wolves asked 76ers for Ben Simmons in Jimmy Butler deal πŸ™„ | KFAN

Photo: Getty Images

We heard earlier in the day that the Wolves weren't getting anywhere with their Jimmy Butler trade talks because they were asking too steep of a price. You could probably imagine what they were asking for in return when it came to established players, money and picks...but now we know exactly what they asked for in one situation and it's a little bit insane.

According to The Ringer Thibodeau asked the Philadelphia 76ers for star PG Ben Simmons in return.

Here's the full quote that will make you roll your eyes...

"The impression I get is around maybe 15-20 teams have actually made an offer. Some of those offers aren’t anything worthwhile...One of the things that I’ve heard from a handful of sources is that, with the Sixers for example, with the initial offer that they made … the counter-offer was like, β€˜We need Ben Simmons in a deal.’ It’s counter offers like that that make you wonder, β€˜Is this actually for real?'"

I mean come on Thibs, what in the head are you doing here?


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