Vikings WR Adam Thielen is on historic pace through four games | KFAN

Photo: Getty Images

Adam Thielen and Kirk Cousins have a good thing going so far this season. It's a weird development considering that during the preseason, Cousins was looking everywhere but at Thielen. Still, come the regular season and it's seemingly Cousins to Thielen all day long.

Today in Los Angeles, Thielen led Vikings receivers again with 8 catches for 135 yards and 1TD and it's that kind of performance that has essentially become an every week thing for Adam.

In fact, through four games of the season, Thielen is on historic pace in a handful of categories.

Check this out...

That's nuts!

While I have your attention, have you heard that Adam Thielen was undrafted and he's from Minnesota and he played division two football and he did that in Minnesota?!? Have you? HAVE YOU?!?

It's a testament to his hard work and so far it's been a mighty impressive season for Adam.

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