Zimmer at a loss for poor play in defensive secondary | #KFANVikes

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There's something up with Mike Zimmer's defense.

How about that for a statement that you never thought you'd hear? Mike Zimmer, the head of the Zimm Reapers is known as a defensive mastermind throughout the NFL. That's the reputation that he's carried with himself from Dallas, to Cincinnati and then on to Minnesota as the head coach. For the first few years, that's what we saw. They were borderline historic a season ago.

Then they fell off the rails culminating in yesterday's 465 yard, 5 TD, perfect passer rating for Jared Goff last night.

I've never been this poor in pass coverage,” Zimmer said. “We’re going to have to look at everything we’re doing and get back to doing things correctly.”

There's guys running free in the secondary, defenders running at least a step behind and quarterbacks from Josh Allen to Aaron Rodgers throwing up and down the field.

“I’ve been concerned all year long,” Zimmer said. “We have not played well defensively.”

As for what he plans to do to fix it, Zimmer had this to say...

"At this point, I don't know."

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