Wow, In what might be his final at bat Joe Mauer went all Joe Mauer on it!

Photo: Getty Images

With the Twins up by one run in the bottom of the 7th inning on Sunday, Joe Mauer stepped up to the plate for what might very well be his final at bat as a major league baseball player and a Minnesota Twin. 

His career has been benchmarked by his plate appearances and as the season wound down, that was on full display. Batting records were dropping left and right to Mauer's expertise. 

But this at bat on Sunday would appear to be the final one of his career. So what did he do as the crowd rose to their feet with this realization? He went full Joe Mauer on it slapping a ball opposite field to left center between the fielders as he hustled his way to second for a potential career ending double.

Here's the play-by-play video of the cool moment...

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