I tried the new nachos at Chipotle and man was I surprised...

Did you know that Minnesota is a test market for the new nachos at Chipotle? That's right, all your favorite Chipotle toppings blanked over a bed of their famed sea-salt lime chips soaked with a generous scoop of their new and improved queso.

They're what I would call "regular price" for an item from Chipotle. All in all, with meat it will cost you about $7-$8.

Here's what I thought...


Let's start with the best part, the new and improved queso is actually really good! Give them some credit, they heard the feedback from their customers about their old queso which was grainy and terrible and they fixed it. They didn't stick to their guns like so many other companies do, they went back tot the drawing board and faster than Coca Cola got rid of "new coke", Chipotle had new queso, and it's good so don't leave that out. 

From there, top it with your choice of bean or meats and all of the wonderful toppings you usually throw on your burritos.


Like nachos at so many other establishments, having this dish served in their normal burrito bowl plate, the toppings outweigh the chips and eventually the chips are soaked and soggy. They still taste good, but the experience leaves something to be desired with no crunch.


Here's your pro tip of the day, get an extra bag of chips or order your chips on the side. I lean towards extra chips because not only does the original order of chips get a little soggy, there's not enough. Without going overboard on the toppings, the ratio still leans heavy towards more toppings and not enough chips. Order the extras, scoop the toppings and enjoy!

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