WATCH: All hell broke out last night after Khabib def McGregor at UFC 229

Photo: Getty Images

The main event at UFC 229 lived up to it's billing last night both inside and outside of the octagon.

Remember, there was a bunch of antics leading up to the bout as McGregor and Khabib proved time and time again that they and their camps were not fans of each other. Words were exchanged, verbal jabs thrown below the belt and that was all before the fight started on Saturday night.

In the match, it was Khabib who caught McGregor in a rear naked choke hold forcing him to tap out and retaining his title. It was then that the real fireworks started to go off.

After winning the match Khabib ran over to the other side of the ring and started spouting off to Conor's team on the other side of the cage, that escalted quickly and Khabib jumped the fence hopping into the crowd to fist fight with one of Dillon Danis of Conor's camp. 

Then, with everyone's attention outside the ring at the melee that was ensuing in the crowd, two  member's of Khabib's entourage ran to ringside, jumped into the octagon and started laying haymakers on Conor McGregor!

It was pretty nuts.

McGregor isn't going to press charges for the assault...but the whole thing played out on video. Check it out below.

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