It's called "The Dead Arm Dance" and it's sweeping through the BOLD NORTH!

Photo: Getty Images

First there was "The Macarena"...then the "Cat Daddy"...more recently "The Floss"...but the newest dance craze that's about to sweep the nation by storm is "The Dead Arm Dance".

It can best be described as if your dad tried to do "The Bernie", that's the dead arm dance and it's Adam Thielen's signature move from his college days back at Minnesota State Mankato.

"We were talking about our signature dance moves," Thielen said after the Vikings 27-17 win over the Cardinals. "The 'dead arm dance" is mine.'"

The move first debuted to the nation after Thielen caught a 13 yard touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins in the third quarter. As his team started to rally around him in the back of the endzone, Thielen's arms began to...flop, as his body swayed from side-to-side bringing the limp noodles with him.

His teammates joined in and then we all moved on.

Then, on the team's next drive, Kirk cousins juked a defender and ran into the endzone and this time the camera's were front and center as Kirk led the group in the dead arm dance again and Twitter exploded!

"The 'dead arm dance' is mine," Thielen reiterated. "[Stefon] Diggs has his too and when Kirk scored he did both of them combined, he was trying to get in on the party."

The GIFs began to pour out over the Internet and you'll never get them back, but I don't think they care. It would appear as if they've already embraced the moves and will likely plan to continue them into the future.

"It's a great dance," Thielen said. "I told Kirk 'great cut [to score] but we need to get those hips a little looser on the dance there!"

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