These limited edition "Game Boy" Jordan's are the hottest shoes of the year

Okay, these shoes need to be mine. 

The custom shoe store Freaker Sneaks has found their niche and it's making video game themed custom Jordan's.

Last year they debuted a pair of PS4 themed Jordan's, then they followed them up with a pair of Nintendo NES themed Jordan's. But what they've done today is surely going to top them all.

Over the weekend Freaker Sneaks debuted a pair of custom Nintendo Gameboy Jordan's and they are straight 🔥🔥🔥!

They are only making 10 of them so they are incredibly limited in supply and they'll run $1,350 per pair...but man oh man are they sharp.

The intricacies here are amazing too.

  • The color is the weird gray/tan that he old gameboys were
  • The Jordan tag that's connected via chain is the size and shape of a game cartridge
  • On one tongue you'll see the cover of Super Mario Land, on the other a screenshot of gameplay from the same game.
  • On the back of the shoes, on has the A & B buttons and the other has a d-pad
  • The center of the laces at the bottom of the shoe have the select button printed on them

And the celebrities are already lining up to snag them...

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