That's 7-straight games with 100+ receiving yards for Adam Thielen | KFAN

Photo: Getty Images

All Adam Thielen does is set records. Another one fell today in New York as Thielen recorded his seventh straight game with 100+ receiving yards to start the season.

With 110 yards receiving on the day, Thielen extended his "in the Super Bowl era" record and tied the all-time record which was set by the late Charlie Hennigan of the Houston Oilers back in 1961.

So far this season Thielen has receiving games of 102, 131, 105, 135, 116, 123 and now 110. That's a league leading 822 yards to go along with his 5 receiving touchdowns. Feats which HAVE to solidify him as one of, if not THE, best wide receivers in the NFL this season.

Thielen did leave the game temporarily with a head injury but did return to the field in the fourth quarter.

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