Thielen does it again, secures 8th straight 100+ yard receiving game

Photo: Getty Images

It's becoming a bit of a thing here in Minnesota.

"Live, death and Adam Thielen eclipsing 100 yards receiving."

After Sunday night's 103 yard, 1 TD performance, Adam's now gone over 103 yards passing  in eight straight games. 

He's already got the record for more consecutive 100-yard performances the open a season and now he's tied for the all-time consecutive games record with some guy most of you have probably never heard of...Calvin Johnson. Yeah, that's right it's Mankato State and "Megatron" in the same sentence. 

What Thielen has been doing is nothing short of amazing. Grinding for eight straight games to get open, get targeted and reel almost every ball thrown his way in for a catch. It's been incredible.

Having watched every one of his games this season, he's been impressing along the way too. On a weekly basis he's making highlight reel catches and unlike in years past, he's also scoring touchdowns at the same time.

It's no secret that he's Kirk Cousins most reliable target on the field and the rapport that the two have built might make him his "favorite" as well.

Still, with a costly fumble in the first half, Thielen wasn't soaking up the accolades like you might think. Asked how he was feeling about getting his eighth straight 100-yard performance he said, "Not good."

"I think I have said this eight weeks in a row, 100 yards doesn’t mean anything unless you are winning games and helping the team win. I didn’t do that tonight."

Thielen goes for a new NFL record next Sunday on the road against the Detroit Lions. Now that he's a household name throughout the country and surely becoming the top of the focus list for opposing staffs.

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