The most popular scary series Streaming on Netflix in the state of MN

It's October 30th, which means that you've got just over two days to turn off the Making a Murderer second season and decide what scary series you and your loved ones plan to stream on Halloween night.

The folks over at might have something that can help you make that decision.

Here's how they compiled the data for their infographic...

To figure out each state’s favorite scary series on Netflix, we first boiled an eye of newt in holy water.

Just kidding. Actually, we started with a list of the most popular and highly rated scary series you can watch on Netflix. Then we put each show title in Google Trends, narrowed it down by state, and let Google work its magic to tell us which horror series was most popular in each state.

And for Minnesota, the most popular scary series is something called Darknet? I've never heard of it, but I'm a bit of a sissy with scary movies.

Here's the rest of the list...

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