You won't believe what the "Most Popular Halloween Candy" in MN is...

I love candy. According to me, I think I have pretty good taste in candy. That's why when I read the report from about the most popular Halloween candy in Minnesota, I was shocked to see the results.

As I mentioned, the data comes from who tracked sales data from the past 11 years of Halloween Candy sales. That data was then broken down by state and released in a giant study just recently.

It's estimated that this season, $2.6 Billion will be spent on Halloween candy in the United States. And while Skittles, Snickers and M&Ms dominated the list for the entire country, we Minnesotans did not confirm. According to them, we're spending our share of that $2.6 Billion on Tootsie Pops...

Wait, wut?!

Yeah, Tootsie Pops are supposedly the most popular Halloween Candy in the state of MN. We weren't the only state choosing Tootsie Pops, Tennessee joined us on this venture, but at first I couldn't believe it.

Then I went on approximately 6 trick or treating ventures with my four-year old over the weekend. Grocery stores, Trunk or Treat events at the church, you name it, and I'll be darned, my little guy came home with a pretty heft haul of Tootsie Pops mixed in with his candy.

Here's the full list of data...

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