It was the fastest all year, and he was only in "4th gear"!?! 👀

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes all of these stats and analytics can be a little ridiculous. Some of them seem pretty worthless. But then there are some that are pretty cool, like this one.

On his 70-yard run down the sidelines today versus the Detroit Lions, Vikings running back Dalvin Cook was clocked as reaching an accelerated speed of 22.07 MPH before getting tripped up just short of the endzone.

That was the single fastest speed reached by a ball carrier this season throughout the entire league!

Want to hear something even crazier? According to Cook himself, he was thinking about his hamstring on that run and never really kicked it into full speed!

Joining KFAN after the game, head coach Mike Zimmer has this to say on the run...

"Dalvin told me 'I was thinking about my hammy and I only kept it in fourth gear...'"

Just think about that. 

We have only been able to see Dalvin on the field for eight games throughout the first year and a half of his NFL career and what we're seeing is pretty darn special!

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