Seriously, how long are you going to let "the inmates run the asylum"?

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Tom Thibodeau is in the third year of a 5-year $40 million contract to act as the head coach and president of basketball operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves. For my money, that is the only reason why he hasn't been relieved of both duties already.

For real, what can you honestly step back and look at as having been something that you would consider putting on the "plus" side of the plus/minus assessment you might make for him? The only thing you could maybe say is that he brought Jimmy Butler to Minnesota, and look how much good that's done us. 

In fact, that's been the impetus of Thibs' problems here in Minnesota. 

We all turned away when Thibs' defensive mentality wasn't working and the Wolves kept getting worse and worse on defense. We got used to his incessant yelling and admonishing of players from the sidelines. Those things were fine as long as they were winning. Which to his credit, they did last year, making the playoffs for the first time since forever.

Then the freaking wheels fell off the wagon.

From that point on, early in the most recent NBA off season, every decision that Thibs has made has been one that has blown up in the faces of himself and the organization.

Exhibit A: 
You have a player that wants to be traded and he tells you early in the process...ignore it and hope that it gets better

Exhibit B: 
Said player has already been doing whatever he wants flying separate, acting on his own accord, completely alienating himself from his teammates...ignore it, he's earned it.

Exhibit C: 
Player has now made his plight public, demanding a trade...publicly state that you're not going to trade him.

Exhibit D: 
Owner (your boss) comes out and states that the team will be actively trading send the opposite message to interested parties.

Exhibit E:
Player showcases that he's fully in charge of the entire situation playing when he wants to play and taking "precautionary rest" when he doesn't...ignore it, he's earned it.

Exhibit F:
Player in question travels separate of his teammates, doesn't sit on the bench with other inactive teammates and wholeheartedly doesn't care about wins or losses...who cares, he's your best player

I feel pretty confident that if we removed all the filters and started to really air some of the dirty laundry with this situation we would get all the way down the "Exhibit Z".

Jimmy Butler played last night and did okay, that's great. The team still lost and we're already hearing FROM THE HORSES MOUTH, that Butler is unsure if he's going to play on Wednesday against the Lebron and the Lakers?

This just in, Jimmy's going to play because it's against Lebron and the limelight from King James will overflow onto Jimmy, then he'll sit out Friday against the Kings. Because, you know, NBA players need a full five days rest between games...right...

Do we really need more evidence to show that Thibs has no control over Jimmy Butler? That situation is not only bad for the team on the court, but more likely worse for them off the court. Allowing one player to do whatever he wants meanwhile holding other players to a completely different standard will only create animosity among the players and from player to coach. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how that will quickly translate onto the court and start costing this team wins which in turn costs the owner money.

But we're okay with that? 

It's time for Glenn Taylor to put his foot down. Start fining Jimmy Butler for missing games, not sitting on the bench, traveling privately and start holding your coach accountable for the GIGANTIC mess he's created. 

Either fix the problem or find someone who will. Out here in the public, we're already sick of it and we're about to jump off board...have fun selling tickets and selling hope then.

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