Here's the FULL 16-MINUTE phone call with Avery/Tadych from MAM Season 2

For those of you who have watched Season 2 of Making a Murderer on Netflix, you were probably left with your jaw on the ground after the phone call between Steven Avery and Barb Tadych was played back in episode number 10. I know that's how I felt.

For a series that has been interesting but didn't pack a gigantic punch with season two, this phone call was one of its saving graces. The show isn't all that bad, in fact I think  it's really interesting, but they weren't making much progress and then they dropped this nugget on us all!

For the show, the conversation was edited down to highlight 2-3 minutes, but the entire fireworks filled conversation, fresh with accusations and threats was actually about 16-minutes long and somebody graciously posted the entire thing to YouTube.

Check out the entire phone call below...



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