ESPN kept cutting to "a famous bar in Mexico" last was a BWWs

If you remember, last night's historic Monday Night Football game between the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs was originally scheduled to take place in Mexico City. Poor turf conditions led to concerns from the players on both sides of the field and the league took action and moved the game back to Los Angeles.

To keep the vibe and to continue giving attention to the growing brand of the NFL throughout the world, ESPN had a setup in a famous bar located in Mexico City. They referenced the bar as "Alboa Bar" and would cut in and out showing the fanbase on site cheering as the fireworks continued happening with each touchdown of the crazy game. 

Well, an astute viewer noticed something about the "Alboa Bar". It looked eerily familiar to some bars that we have here in the United States. So they paused that old DVR and grabbed a screenshot of the action which clearly shows us that the "Alboa Bar" is actually just a Buffalo Wild Wings!

Check out the screencaps below and you'll see the familiar decor and even a Buffalo Wild Wings soda glass on the table!



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