Scooter driver narrowly avoids getting squashed by trucks twice in row

Talk about a close call!

This scooter driver, who seemingly ran a red light to spark the incident up and down the intersection, is seriously lucky to be alive right now. His inattentiveness  caused one big truck to swerve out of the way turning to avoid flattening the dude the first time, and that truck barely misses but knocks the scooter over...RIGHT INTO THE PATH OF ANOTHER TRUCK!

Second truck, we'll call it red truck, does it's best to avoid the scene as well but clobbers the scooter on its way through, still thanks to the swerve the man's life was spared...the driver however did not know that as he ran around the truck to see if the man was okay. 

Thankfully he walked away from the scene with minor injuries.

Check out the crazy video below...



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