This iPhone keyboard trick is sweeping the Internet, did you know it?

I love stuff like this!

There's an iPhone trick that is sweeping the Internet right now after a women discovered said trick and went to Twitter to share it. 

As you can see in the tweeted screenshot below, the hack centers around the iPhone keyboard and primarily the spacebar. If you're anything like me, you've spent many a frustrating moments holding down your cursor attempting to get it to land in a certain spot so that you can make an edit of copy/paste. Well, this hack will make your life a whole heck of a lot easier if you do this often.

According to the tweet, "If you click and hold the space bar, you can move the cursor instead of trying to drag the cursor itself with your fat thumb. #TooReal

Check out the screenshot below which adds in a visual aid to the mix and give it a shot on your own. 

Did you know this little keyboard hack existed?



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