Aaron Rodgers’ brother completely threw him under the bus today! 👀

Just before the Vikings and Packers are set to square off this Sunday night at U.S. Bank Stadium, the superstar quarterback for the Packers now has an off the field distraction to worry about!!

In lieu of the wild fires raging through California right now, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers tweeted out a message of support for those affected by the fires with an opportunity to RT and raise money for what’s to come after the fires are put out. It seemed like a great gesture and as of the posting of this article it had nearly 80,000 RTs.

That’s great, unless your brother knows a little bit more about the story and throws you under the bus publicly! 😳

Remember, Aaron’s brother Jordan was on a season of The Bachelor not too long ago and let it slip that Aaron and the rest of the family don’t really “get along”. Well, his tweet response below to Aaron isn’t going to help that situation!



Talk about throwing your brother under the bus. In fact, this seems like more than that, this is shots fired if I’ve ever seen it!

Hope this rolls over to the weekend and distracts A-Rodg in the field!


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