Meet Knickers, the GIANT cow stealing the hearts of the Internet!

Meet Knickers, the GIANT cow that has stolen the heart of the Internet over the past few days.

Take a look in the video below and you'll see why people's jaws are being dropped along the way. 

Standing 6'4" tall and weighing more than a ton (2,800 pounds to be exact) and he's been deemed "too big to eat"...well actually too big to fit through the machines that eventually slaughter the animals for beef. So Knickers has been allowed to live out his life in the fields with his brethren,

Now, there's also some perspective needed here. Knickers is a Holstein steer and is only slightly larger than average size for his kind. The videos going viral are showing him next to a different breed of cow that tops out around 4 feet tall, so it makes Knickers look GIGANTIC!

Still, he's a big son of a gun!



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