The Target "Gift Card Sale" is coming back again for 2018...THIS SUNDAY!


Remember last year when you all ran out to your local Target store and stocked up on as many gift cards as you possibly could because our favorite store Targét Boutique was offering a gift card sale that was essentially 10% off?!

That means that you could go and buy a $100 gift card for only $90!!

Well, they're bringing that deal back again for holiday season 2018 and it's happening THIS SUNDAY!

There is a $300 limit per household but you can get $300 at Target (which is essentially gold) for only $270! That's $30 FREE DOLLARS for groceries, video games or clothes!

On top of their gift card deal, Target is also helping us save during the holidays with free 2-day shipping, same-day delivery, and drive-up service. They’re also running weekend specials every weekend in December, so check on Wednesday to find out what that weekend’s deal is. Just another reason we love to love Target.


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