This dude can LICK HIS OWN FOREHEAD! Yeah...check this out... [VIDEO]

When I was little, my elbows were double-jointed and I used to be able to pull out that old parlor trick and spin my arms around a bit when I wanted some attention. That's great, weirded people out and made a name for me as a child.

That's chump-change compared to this guy who CAN LICK HIS OWN FOREHEAD!

You've seen people try to touch their nose with their tongue before I'm sure. It's much more attainable but still tough to do. This dude darn near swallows his nose on the way to his forehead.

So here's the rub. Our guy does have a really long tongue, he thinks it might be debatable for the longest in the world...he also only has one tooth which allows for him to do that weird disjointed jaw thing on the way to his forehead. 

Still, the video is impressive to say the least. Check it out below...

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