"The Innocent Man" is going to be the next True Crime hit on Netflix!!

Netflix has done a lot of things right over the past 15 years to shape their company into a true power player in the entertainment industry. Some of those decisions included the thoughts to invest in True Crime documentary series following the success of the Serial podcast and others like that.

The big wave started coming in with Making a Murderer in 2015, followed by The Staircase which came to the platform a bit later and then most recently with Making a Murderer Season 2. There are also countless documentary movies on the topic, but the series have really shaped what culture sees and thinks about wrongful convictions and wrongful confessions.

Well, It looks like we have our next big Netflix hit right around the corner and it's called "The Innocent Man".

It's based off of the non-fiction work of John Grisham with the same title and as Grisham says at the beginning of the trailer, if he had written it as a piece of fiction, it was so out there that nobody would have believed it!

It's set to be released on Netflix on December 14th.

Check out the trailer below.

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