The backstory on how the Vikings surprised Kyle Rudolph with "Dear Kyle"

Earlier today the Minnesota Vikings released a video that has probably made you all cry already. If not, stop right here and check out the "Dear Kyle" video posted on our blog.

Then join us below to learn about how the Vikings and Kyle's wife Jordan pulled the video off...

As referenced above, this video, or better the production of this video, was a complete surprise to Kyle...because it had to be or it wouldn't have happened.

Here's how Kyle's wife Jordan explains the plan and the execution to get the video they had in mind...

He's a tough one to crack. He doesn't really cry at happy things, he's much more of a sentimental guy when it comes to something like [the kids].

The Vikings reached out to me and asked if I would write a letter or if I had anyone in mind that would be a good candidate to write a letter. Of course I thought of people at the hospital and the biggest one I could think of was coach [Charlie] Weiss, from college. I reached out to him and asked him to write a letter and he had the letter to me the next day! It was funny because I texted him back and said, "that was amazing, I'm balling." Him in his amazing humor responded saying, "would you expect anything less?" 

When they had us come in to read the letters I had said, "you're not going to be able to tell Kyle that he has to come sit down and read letters on camera because he's not going to want to do that. He doesn't like to get emotional in front of people. I knew that it would be a tough task, so I knew that it had to be a surprise otherwise he wouldn't have done it."

So the Vikings invited Kyle in to the video studio for what they were calling a "one on one interview". When Kyle walked in, he saw the one chair, one table set and a stack of letters on the table. They told him to sit down and read them and the rest unfolded just the way that you saw in the video.

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