Here's the "Favorite Christmas Movie" from each state in the U.S. | KFAN

What's your favorite Christmas movie? What's the most popular Christmas movie? For my money, the answer to both of those questions should be "ELF" and there really is not other correct answer.

That being said, I guess I understand that other people might have a different opinion other than mine. I'm not saying that it's the right opinion, but they can have their own opinion...I guess.

The map below highlights the favorite Christmas movie for each state in the United States. 

The peeps over at put it together using results from and Google Trends to determine the top movie in each state.

Here are some of the highlights:

Minnesota's favorite --> White Christmas (classic!)

Wisconsin's favorite --> Die Hard (figures)

Kentucky's favorite --> Elf (I might move there)

Alaska & New York --> The Apartment (???)

Here's the full map...

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