The Seahawks illegal blocked FG was a designed crap play...check this out!

Okay, by now we've all lost our cool about the Bobby Wagner blocked FG about ten dozen times and counting. 

But here's the rub, check out the replay again and watch it very carefully this time. This was a designed freaking play that Pete Carroll and the Seahawks were planning and it was as illegal as heck!

Check out the video below and watch the two defensive lineman sandwiching Wagner in the middle. Instead of running into the line attempting to "blow it up" like a normal rush would do, the put their hands on the backs of the Vikings linemen, push them down and duck their heads/bodies for Wagner to launch himself over the line.

Worse yet, Pete Carroll even corroborated this after the game saying that Seattle practiced this block play all week long after noticing that the right side of the Vikings field goal block line goes they squashed them lower, and Wagner boosted himself illegally to finish the job.

Check it out again in the player below...

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