The Vikings might be the most predictable team in the NFL (right now)

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Frustrations are maxing out right now throughout Minnesota and across Vikings nation. Most of the vitriol and frustration is presently being pointed at the offensive coordinator John DeFelippo and quarterback Kirk Cousins. Kirk is not completely innocent in this conversation but as it stands right now, DeFelippo and the Vikings offense might be the most predictable unit in the entirety of the NFL...just ask Bobby Wagner and Pete Carroll.

Following the game, both Bobby Wagner and Pete Carroll were quoted saying that they were able to have so much success on MNF against the Vikings because everything that the Vikings did was exactly what the Seahawks saw on film and prepared for all week long.

"We came out and they were doing exactly what we saw on film," Wagner said after the game.

Carroll would go into more detail saying that they practiced the Wagner leap play all week long knowing that the right side of the Vikings field goal front went a little lower than normal teams would do.

There's been complaints about a lack of creativity from those outside the organization, even within the organization Mike Zimmer has made comments in the press that continue to ellude to his unhappiness with the play calling. The latest came tonight when Zimmer said, "There were a couple [short yardage plays] where we could have executed better, and there were some we probably could have called better."

There's a rift going on right now and it's showcasing itself in predictable play calling on the field. Now back to back weeks against the Patriots and the Seahawks it's looked like the defense was in the huddle with Kirk and the Vikings offense each play.

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