The code name for the New XBOX Next-Gen Console has leaked...

Are you an XBOX person or a PlayStation person?

How you answer this question can tell me a lot about who you are. That said, I have sort of cheated my way along to answer this question, but I've learned that that's sort of a common strain. 

Originally I was a PlayStation person. I rocked the PlayStation (one) when my friends had the N64. Then I upgraded to the PS2 and Tiger Woods 98 became MY JAM! Then I won an XBOX from church, technically I think my sister did, but it quickly became mine and my eyes were opened to the world or Halo. From there it was all XBOX and then XBOX 360 for me and the rest of the world followed suit.

But then, when the XBOX One and PS4 were going head to head, that narrative flipped. PlayStation became the console with all the cool exclusive games, PlayStation became the system with the better online system, the better operating just became more popular, hands down. Even Microsoft admitted that they had lost the next-gen console battle and admitted at the latest E3 that they were shifting their focus already to the next next-gen console.

Rumors leaking out from Windows Central are now even reporting that the internal use code name for the next XBOX system has leaked out.

According to this report, they're referring to the new system as "XBOX Anaconda" with an alternate version being called "Lockhart".

That's a pretty slick codename if I do say so myself. Like it's so slick, I almost hope they keep the "anaconda" naming format and branch away from the "360/One" line.

Thoughts are still that we'll see this new system sometime in 2020, but 2019 could be interesting if these sorts of leaks continue along the way!

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