This young man just brought me to tears on National Signing Day [VIDEO]

Meet Cooper Dawson and his buddy Kingsley.

Cooper is about to sign a Nation Letter of Intent to play football with a division one school, only we're not sure which school he's chosen yet. 

BACKSTORY: Cooper and Kingsley are real friends, like this is not just for the video. Cooper tore his ACL last Spring and missed his senior season of football. While he was on the shelf over the summer he and Kingsley spent a ton of time together and during that time he learned from his friend that "the only disability is a bad attitude."

From there, Cooper told Kingsley which school he chose first and let Kingsley make the announcement. Then Cooper pulled out an orange Syracuse hat and put it on his friend before on himself.

This kid is a winner.

Check out the video of the situation below...

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