Did you catch the secret messages in the 'Stranger Things 3' trailer?!?

Alongside the movie poster tweet that the official Stranger Things Twitter account pushed out this week announcing Season 3's release date, Netflix also released another new teaser trailer featuring Dick Clark and his 1985 New Year's Eve Countdown footage.

Eventually the footage gets flipped "upside down" and leads to some distorted video, screenshots from an Apple II, and then the release date announcement.

But did you catch the multiple hidden messages in the trailer? Give it another watch below and see if you can catch them this time around before we read WAY TOO DEEPLY into them even further below...

You may or may not know this, but part of my employment here at the radio station was spurred because of some writing I used to do on a LOST blog. It's mostly terrible writing, the presentation has flaws and I ended the posts with "Namaste Fools"...what an idiot. Still it was a ton of fun to do and on that show reading into the things in the background was a part of the fun, because IT ALL MATTERED!

That's the deal with the Stranger Things folks as well. They drop little hidden messages here and there and let the fans do their darnedest to decipher them.

So did you catch the messages?

The first one should be relatively obvious, but it's meaning is not quite so plain.

You'll see the Apple II screen pop up and words begin to form rolling into the sentence that reads, "WHEN BLUE AND YELLOW MEET IN THE WEST". 

The top running theory right now has to do with the movie poster that they already released in accordance with this video that features Eleven wearing a blue shirt and Mike wearing a yellow shirt holding hands with a sunset (west) off in the distance.

The second little easter egg has to do with the next Apple II run screen that mentions something called "Lynx Corp", run program "SilverCatFeeds.exe" and then the Russian word for "eleven" blurred out in the background.

This one's a little more murky, but I'll summarize the thoughts here. Originally, when Eleven was being trained at the Hawkins lab, she was tasked to spy on the Russians. The mode of spying my have had something to do with cats, real live cats. There's more to this one, but nothing more substantiated yet.

Anyways, there's likely another secret message or two to come between now and July 4th so it's time to start sitting on the edge of your seats folks.

I love this stuff!

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