PODCAST: Breaking Free From Pornography with author Scott Swanson

A few months ago a friend of mine released a new book that he had been working on. The premise of this book follows him through a twenty-year addiction to pornography and the wake of damage that this addiction left among his family, friends and job.

Scott's book "Stop Running Away: Break Free from Porn and Let God Do More in Your Life Than Ever Beforetakes the reader through Scott's journey and lays out the tangible plan that Scott used to conquer his addiction and grow closer to God. 

Last week, Scott joined me in the iHeartRadio podcast studio for a conversation about his faith, his struggles, his triumphs and his new book.

I would argue that this conversation about pornography, while a divisive one by today's standards, is one of the most important conversations in The Church today. I would encourage you to give this podcast a listen, give Scott a follow on social media and share this information/podcast on your social media channels to share the message.

Without further adieu, this is The Here On Earth Podcast and our conversation with author Scott Swanson.

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