Check that, Priefer turned down the Vikings to join the Browns | KFAN 100.3

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Earlier today it was reported that Mike Priefer would not be returning as Special Teams coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings in 2019. A decent number of fans were probably okay with this news given a handful of the flubs by Vikings special teams over the past few years.

Well, it turns out that the Vikings at least offered Priefer an extension to stay in Minnesota but Priefer declined and has already joined the Cleveland Browns in the same role.

Now you have to dissect this report a little bit. While the Vikings did apparently offer Priefer an extension, they might have offered him $10 an hour and a new pair of shoes in an effort for the two sides to part ways amicably, who knows?

Either way, the Vikings will have a vacancy to fill over the next few weeks as they begin planning and developing an idea for the 2019 season.

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