If you share your Netflix password, your time is running out! | Mansour

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Do you like to "Netflix and Chill"? Do you pay for your own Netflix account or mooch off of a friend or family member to get access to your favorite shows like Haunting of Hill House, House of Cards, Stranger Things and more?

Well, if you fall into the latter category and mooch or share your account with others, your days of living large might be numbered.

A company named "Synamedia" is showing off their new proprietary "Credentials Sharing Insight" tool at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. 

According to the release, the technology "combats the rapid rise in account sharing between friends and families, turning it instead into a new revenue-generating opportunity for operators...It uses AI, machine learning and behavioral analytics to identify, monitor and analyze credentials sharing activity across consumer accounts...It allows operators to turn casual sharing into incremental revenue, as well as detect and apply enforcement procedures on fraudulent, for-profit credentials sharing accounts."

One study released last year claims that nearly 26% of millennials use someone else's password to access an online streaming service, so the problem is only rising among some of the streaming services heaviest users.

It's gotten to the point where third-party companies are developing software like this to combat the problem, in an effort to open the door to streaming services to help companies better protect their assets.


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