Moving South?

Not too long ago a friend asked me a question when he said would you ever consider moving south to escape winter? With a moment to ponder it my response was immediate and the reply a resounding “absolutely not!” But then thought wow that was quick because today at -3 degrees, more snow forecast, likely flooding will occur if it ever warms, my roof needs raking again and the snowblower has become a trusted friend so what’s wrong with me? Maybe it’s early onset of “Old Timers” or at the least I’ve ended up a little left of center. After some careful consideration, lying in bed with a quilt pulled snuggly up under my chin and both Britts, Snap & Belle curled up on the foot here’s my rational, twisted as it might be.

First, you might think it strange now the 20th month of winter, but I really do enjoy this time of year and might go so far as to say I really look forward to winter, in the beginning. It arrives after spending the fall afield doing things I love more than almost anything else. Opportunities to hunt with my dogs walking for hours on end, spending time with Erik, Chad and Danielle hoping to find success with shotgun in hand, observing nature in her element, meeting new fellow hunters and landowners and ending up dead tired at days’ end are treasured components of the season. The real funny thing is that this point in my life every day is special whether I pull the trigger or not but if the truth be known I still really enjoy seeing the birds. Sometimes I’ll even pass up shots but don’t misunderstand either because a wild game meal is still very special and gratifying. Heck a couple years ago I passed 2 great shots at deer simply because it wasn’t that important and had no desire to deal with the aftermath. Simply knowing the shot was there and crosshairs in a kill spot was satisfaction enough. There also is a large amount of satisfaction in watching the boys shoot well with cake icing in the form of great dog work leading to and after the shot. That’s awesome! But as the fall draws to a close, the temps drop, winds blow cold bringing snow and seasons’ end it’s a satisfying time.

Guns are cleaned, the cabin gets put to bed with the dock stacked neatly on shore, water lines blown, antifreeze in sink traps and shades pulled tightly down. Leather boots get some oil, camo and orange get hung up and Sport Dog e-collars get an off season charge because it’s time to change passions.

As lakes become solid the change finds me looking for the short rods, my ice Humminbirds, Ice Armor and the portable shack stored above the old kennel now used only for storage since my dogs are seldom kenneled any more as noted above. The hard water cat ‘n mouse video game played next is another passion. It’s so much fun, really addicting as hours pass quickly. However, here again the pursuit is much more special than proving to others the number of fish caught. But don’t misunderstand a good fresh fish meal is special too and so much better and more satisfying than that bought at the store but yours truly finds no need to stockpile fillets and find a real satisfaction here too in watching those caught swim away! But today the snow is deep on lakes, often up to a foot of slush hides underneath making travel all but impossible bringing a close to this sport too. Yet here we are surrounded by ice, snow and cold looking forward to the next but the current season drags on. The dogs sleep soundly in the warm sun as though oblivious to the goings on around them and I am anxious to move on. The boat is tightly covered and literally buried in white so it will be a while. Now here we are again back to where we started “would I consider moving to a southern, warmer climate?” The answer hasn’t changed at all “absolutely not!” Today the end must be closer than the beginning and as spring gets here a little at a time it will be welcomed so much more than if it had never left or never arrived. Trees will begin to bud, 50 degree temps will bring out T shirts, snow will slowly become an old memory and another passion or passions will come front and center. Soft water will reappear, the cabin will take on life again and gobbling tom turkeys will become fair game. Long rods will find fresh line, the boat will lose the

winter cover finding it’s place behind the truck and the dogs will delight in muddy feet making large loops around the cabin yard just as fast as they can run because pent up energy is just waiting to bust loose.

No I’ve no interest in moving only a lot of interest in the next season so Please Please Mother Nature hurry! We’re waiting for you! Agree?