Chris Adler Has Officially Left Lamb Of God, Art Cruz Announced As Member

Download Festival 2012 - Day 3

Download Festival 2012 - Day 3

Months of speculation about Chris Adler's future with groundbreaking metal band Lamb of God has come to an end.

Unfortunately, so has Adler's career with the band.

Adler suffered a severe motor cycle accident at the end of 2017 and was still reportedly grappling with lingering effects from his injuries when he announced last summer that he had to step away.

This year, Adler made it clear that he was getting healthier and playing drums again, but when Lamb of God got back on the road this year, Adler did not join his longtime band mates.

Front man Randy Blythe seemed to dodge a question about Adler's status this spring, and late Friday afternoon the band made it official with drummer Art Cruz, who has filled in with the band since Adler's initial departure.

"We'd like to official welcome Art Cruz, who has been playing drums with us on tour for the last year, as the new drummer of Lamb of God," read the band's statement. "Art will be joining us in the studio as we begin pre-production and recording of a new album."

The band added that it's proud of its accomplishments over the last 20 years with Adler and wish him "the best in his future endeavors."

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