The Avs Stadium Series Jersey Is HIDEOUS!

The Colorado Avalanche are getting ready to host their second outdoor hockey game early next year as they host the LA Kings in the 2020 NHL Stadium Series. As those preparations continue, fans are anxious for the reveal of the Stadium Series jerseys that the teams will wear in the elements.

Well, the Avalanche fans don't have to wait any longer as it appears that Colorado's jerseys leaked yesterday and, well...yikes.

While I liked their 2016 Stadium Series jerseys and I love their alternate jersey's maroon and blue color scheme, I can't seem to get behind this one. Perhaps it'll grow on me and the many others who don't like it, but for now, woof. I get it, they want to illustrate how there are mountains in Colorado but does the mountain-A need to go all the way up to the neck of the jersey? Also, with all the action on the top half of the jersey, how can there be nothing on the bottom?

The whole thing is unsettling. I can't wait to see how it is officially revealed and if the Avs take the early near-universal disdain from the fans into account and change a few things up before it is final, if it isn't already.

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