#92Noon: Missing Twins Baseball

Sports has taken a back seat to more important matters, no doubt. Feels like you have to qualify everything right now with "well, obviously, the public health concern is severe and important, etc."

BUT! I think it's OK to admit we all were looking forward to the Twins season opener, right? It's possible to respect the real life situation, while also lamenting one of the effects of it: no baseball!

Today was supposed to be opening day in MLB! No BOMBAS!!! No bueno.

#92Noon loves doing cold-calls to media director Dustin Morse during the season....he might be in the clubhouse next to Nelson Cruz, or the hot tub next to Byron Buxton....today, we had to do a quarantine cold-call with Dustin, just for the hell of it.

We also got to chat with President of Baseball Ops, Derek Falvey, to see how the front office is dealing with the situation, and to make sure the PBO had enough toilet paper in the house.

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