You Can Virtually Boo Goodell During The Draft This Year | #KFANVikes

It is a tradition unlike any other...booing the commissioner at the NFL Draft. One of the few certainties in life is Roger Goodell walking out on stage in late April to a chorus of boos.

With this year's draft being held in the commish's man-cave, Goodell was on track to have a boo-free draft assuming his family didn't decide to boo their own blood. However, Bud Light has decided to carry on the tradition virtually and for a good cause.

Every tweet with #BooTheCommish through April 25 adds a $1 donation to the NFL Draft-a-Thon, so go ahead and #BooTheCommish to your heart's content. The videos are even being delivered to Goodell's living room.

Booing someone to benefit charity, what a time to be alive

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