Teddy Bridgewater’s career is back on track in Carolina

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons

As the Vikings playoff hopes continue to diminish, an old Vikings quarterback is finding success elsewhere. Teddy Bridgewater has been impressive to say the least, and his Carolina Panthers currently sit at 3-2. 

Aug. 30, 2016 is a date that Vikings fans will remember vividly. It’s the date where they got the alert that their franchise quarterback went down with one of the more gruesome injuries in NFL history. 

Since that date, Bridgewater has remained positive despite bouncing around from four different teams. He has now found a home in Carolina and he is on pace to have the best statistical season of his career. 

Through the first five games Bridgewater is completing 73 percent of his passes for 1,460 yards and six touchdowns. It’s also worth noting that these impressive numbers are being put up without their star running back Christian McCaffrey. 

Vikings fans were so hopeful that 2016 was going to be Bridgewater’s breakout season. He shined through the first couple preseason games and looked poised to make the leap in the regular season. Although he’s no longer in Minnesota, Bridgewater’s success should still leave Vikings fans smiling. 

There really isn’t an easier guy to pull for across the NFL considering everything the former Vikings quarterback has been through. Bridgewater has had some of the most extreme ups and downs to start out his career, but it looks as if he’s found his home with the Carolina Panthers.

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