Everson Griffen is back in the NFC North after Lions trade with Cowboys

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings have struggled at getting pressure to the quarterback and that’s reflected in their 1-5 record. On top of their struggles, Yannick Ngakoue was the only legit threat to opposing quarterbacks. He has since been traded away to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for draft picks. 

Not only do Vikings fans have to watch their defensive line struggle for the remainder of the season, but they will also have to watch an old defensive end that dominated for them for several years play in the same division. 

It was announced on Tuesday afternoon that the Detroit Lions traded for Everson Griffen. 

The Vikings still play two games against the Lions this year and one of those games will be Griffen’s first game on his new team. 

Vikings fans will have to watch two future Ring of Honor players when they play Detroit this season. Adrian Peterson is also putting together a solid season for a 35-year-old running back. He has rushed for 314 yards and two touchdowns in 2020.

Since Griffen left Minnesota the pass rush game just hasn’t been the same. Danielle Hunter is also out for the season, limiting the amount of talent the Vikings have on their front four. 

It’s going to be fun watching Griffen get his chance at being a premier defensive end again, but it won’t be fun watching him chase after Kirk Cousins.

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