DAY 1: Inside a Week With Profile by Sanford

So here we go, yesterday was day one highlighting one week of what Profile By Sanford looks like. Since April of this year, my wife have been teaming up with Profile to make better lifestyle decisions for ourselves and for our family. I'm already down 50 lbs and my wife is killing it right alongside me as well! We wanted to share a bit of our journey with you to give everybody a little glimpse behind the curtain at some of the cool things that Profile by Sanford is doing.

Below you'll see my "DAY ONE" video and below that you'll see a little more in depth breakdown of what the day looked like.


  • Breakfast - 25G Mocha Protein Shake mixed in with my coffee
  • Lunch - Provolone & Salami rollups, w/carrots
  • Dinner - Chaffle Burgers, Apple and Veggies (Chaffle recipe below)
  • SNACKS - 15G Profile Protein Bars, 15G Mint Chip Profile Protein Shake


  • Custom developed workout plan using the Profile Activity app. I input how I was feeling, how motivated I was, what equipment I had at home, and how long I had to workout. The app then puts together a custom workout plan specifically for me armed with tutorial videos and guidelines.


  • Chaffles have become one of my new best friends. The short of it is they are cheese waffles that I eat with syrup in the morning, I use them as bun/bread replacements for sandwiches and burgers and I eat them alone for a low-carb snack. I often make 8-10 at a time and throw them in the fridge for the next couple days, pop them in the toaster when ready and they're good to go! They're super simple and all you really need is a Dash Mini Waffle iron to cook em, we have like four (heart shaped, circle shaped, skeleton man!).
    • 1 egg
    • 1/2 cup mozzarella (sub cheddar if you want more savory for burgers)
    • 1 tsp almond flour (this gives it a little more bread like texture)
    • This will yield 3-4 Chaffles on the Mini Dash, scoop a bit on, it will rise slightly and cook for 3 minutes!


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