Pontificating with PA! 011821

Tough one --- which should matter more to Vikings fans? The Packers in yet another NFC Title game, favored at home against the Bucs with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line? Or the Saints experiencing yet another heart-wrenching defeat in the postseason?

I chose the Saints....they cheated their way to a ring in 2009. And they've been feeling the burn ever since.

The lowlights::: 2010 Wildcard, BeastQuake at Century Link...2011 Divisional, Alex Smith to Vernon Davis with 9 seconds left...2013 Divisional, Brees meets the Legion of Boom in Seattle....2017 Divisional, Mpls Miracle...2018 NFC title game against Rams, the no-call on PI, followed by Brees throwing a tipped INT in overtime, Zuerlein from 57 yards to win it....2019, Rudolph TD in overtime...and now Tom Brady gets them.

The Packers winning titles is bad for purple and gold business...but watching Payton and Breed losing in the playoffs is always the highlight of a postseason when our team isn't in the mix(which is an often occurrence).

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