RUMOR: SF 49ers appear to be seriously considering trade for Kirk Cousins

With the NFL quarterback carousel getting a jolt of energy over the weekend through the Stafford/Goff trade, it looks like other teams in need of someone new under center might be expediting the process.

According to an NFL Insider from, the San Francisco 49ers are pushing hard to land Kirk Cousins via trade with the Minnesota Vikings.

Now there are direct ties between Kirk Cousins and Kyle Shannahan from their shared time in Washington and Shannahan has been rumored to be interested in Kirk for a while now. With the road continuously bumpy here in Minnesota, would a QB swap and draft accumulation be something the Vikings would consider?

The Lions got three first round picks and Jared Goff for Matthew Stafford, though some of that compensation should be attributed to Goff's future contract guarantees of nearly $35 million. Both QBs are 32 years old and the average numbers are not that far off but Stafford has seen more time in the league.

Any trade of this sort would likely include multiple first round picks as well as a QB swap with Jimmy Garappolo landing in Minnesota. The 49ers have the 12th overall pick in the 2021 draft which could land the Vikings a highly touted QB prospect. Garappolo has two years remaining on his contract but would carry a minimal cap hit if cut ahead of time. Either way, he'd be a savings over Cousins in 2021.

So, if there really are some legs to this conversation, is this something you'd be interested in the Vikings doing?

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