ANOTHER NFL Insider stirs the 'Kirk Cousins to 49ers' pot even more!

Minnesota Vikings v New York Giants

Vikings twitter was all a tizzy Monday afternoon after a lesser known NFL source named Evan Massey dropped a nugget regarding the San Francisco 49ers holding interest in trading for Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. The Internet quite literally went bonkers over this idea, some were for it, some against it, still others questioning the source due to a small Twitter following and unfamiliar name.

Well, Later in the evening better known NFL Insider Ross Tucker dumped a little propellant on that spark of a fire and things were stirred up again in a bigger way.

"Can we fast forward to the day when Matt Ryan is on the Niners and Jimmy G is back in New England," Tucker shared in a tweet. But what followed next is what wound all the Skoldiers up Monday night. "Sounds like it will be Cousins in San Francisco but either way I still think Jimmy G starts the opener for the Pats. 🤷‍♂️"

So where do we go from here?

What's the validity of any of these reports? If there is some truth to it, how do you measure Matthew Stafford's value and what the Lions got in return from the Rams compared to what Kirk could get the Vikings. If this does get pulled off, what's next for the Vikings cuz Jimmy Garoppolo surely isn't the answer? Draft? Another trade? DESHAUN WATSON?!?

The possibilities here are really endless and that's what gets people all wound up when something like this pops up.

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