Justin Jefferson on Kirk Cousins: “He’s the reason I had 1,400 yards”

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings

Rumors have been swirling around the NFL of a potential trade that would involve the Vikings starting quarterback. Kirk Cousins has been linked with several rumors of a trade that involves him being moved to San Francisco.

Justin Jefferson recently joined the Jim Rome podcast and he had a few things to say about the criticism his quarterback has been receiving as of late. 

Here is what Jefferson had to say in the above clip. 

“He definitely takes a lot of heat, he takes way more heat than he really deserves. If you look at the numbers he’s on the top of the league. He’s been doing a lot of things for this team and for this offense,” Jefferson said. “I don’t really understand why he gets so much criticism. All of those losses that we had wasn’t on him. Of course, we’d like to take some plays back and redo some plays but that’s just how it is. You don’t play perfectly, especially in this league, and to see the things that he has done I really don’t know why he gets so much criticism. He’s the reason why I had 1,400 yards.” 

Despite the criticism that Cousins receives on a regular basis it doesn’t seem like the future star of the Vikings franchise is too worried about the play of his quarterback. 

Instead, maybe the rumors should focus more on other aspects of the team, like taking care of the worst defense the team has had in the Mike Zimmer era.

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