Antoine Winfield Jr. gets ULTIMATE REVENGE with Super Bowl Peace Sign! ✌️

Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie safety and former Golden Gopher Antoine Winfield Jr. is making the headlines today after the story behind the peace sign seen round the world has been leaking out.

In the moment, a poignantly delivered peace sign as the Bucs iced the game away from Winfield in the face of Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill seemed like a bit of a poor sportsmanship move. The act even received a penalty flag on the field for taunting. But clearly, Winfield doesn't have any regrets and now that we know the story behind the peace sign, he got the ultimate revenge on Hill and the Chiefs and that peace sign was the chef's kiss on the end of the act.

You see, rewind back to Week 12 of the regular season when the Bucs and Chiefs squared off. Kansas City walked away with a 27-24 win that day after Tyreek Hill rattled off 13 catches for 269 yards and three touchdowns. On at least one of those scores, Hill rolled into the endzone flashing a peace sign in the face of Winfield Jr, the closest Buccaneers defender.

Check out the pics below for proof.

Well, clearly that stuck with Winfield who took the opportunity at the end of the game, as the Bucs were preparing to celebrate, to remind Hill of the moment and he flashed the peace sign right in his face!

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