WATCH: Antoine Winfield Jr. ROWS THE BOAT in the end zone at Super Bowl LV!

While the Minnesota Vikings didn't quite make it to Super Bowl LV this season, the state itself and the University of Minnesota was well represented with two rookie players on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and one of them had a giant impact on the game!

Both WR Tyler Johnson and S Antoine Winfield Jr were former golden gophers and rookies this season with the Buccaneers who won the Super Bowl last night. Johnson is stuck on a depth chart behind a bunch of great receiving options including Evans, Godwin, Brown and Gronk, but Winfield Jr. was a starter all season and shone brightly last night in the Super Bowl.

Following a tipped pass and interception by Winfield, he led the Buccaneers defense into the far end zone to find the Bud Light ShowTime cam and ROWED THE BOAT in the endzone of the Super Bowl.

Here's the video of the play...

And then the angle from the ShowTime cam...

Better yet, Winfield Jr. joined the postgame press conference with a special message to Gopher fans and Minnesotans!

"Shoutout to everybody up in Minnesota, Row The Boat baby! RTB!"

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