Hours after signing w/Cardinals, JJ Watt begins courting KAT to Phoenix 😳

It's been a wild 48 hours for J.J. Watt spanning across the world of Peloton, fighting haters on Twitter, but ultimately landing in Arizona signing with the Cardinals on a new two year deal.

But then he crossed the line.

Just this evening, merely hours after landing in Arizona to meet with his new team and coaching staff, J.J. Watt hopped onto social media and crossed the line...like big time.

In a tweet published just before 7pm local time on Tuesday Night, Watt tagged Timberwolves star center Karl Anthony Towns trying to get him to push his way out of Minnesota and land somehow with the Phoenix Suns! Okay, so I'm paraphrasing Watt's tweet a little bit but as a Minnesota Sports fan my whole life, how else am I supposed to read into something like this?

Again, Minnesota Sports fans reading this are now sitting at DEFCON 1 in their barcaloungers.


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