This Day In Initials Game History - March 18th, 2016 & 2019

Initials Game 90 - March 18th, 2016

On this day in Initials Game History we go back to the first third of The Initials Game back when Aj Mansour was in third place on the all-time standings behind Sauce and Hawk! Mark Parrish was a FREAKING MACHINE this time around sending rube Julie to Las Vegas and Paul buzzed in to guess one of the all-time worse guesses in Initials Game's that exchange...

Item 9
Clue 1: "Originally went by Ito."
Clue 2: "Changed Names-"

Meatsauce: "Paul, Tedo Jackson." [laughter] "That is T.J."

Hawk: "That is great though dude, very clever."


Cory: "I'm a big fan of Edo but when he changed his name I was like Tedo?"

Hawk: "Edo?"

Cory: "Yeah, you know, Edo Jackson." [Laugh]

Hawk: "Originally he went by Edo, but he went and changed it to Tedo cause he liked it better. He didn't think Edo Jackson flowed."

Meatsauce: "I'm trying!"

Initials Game 247 - March 18th, 2019

On this day in Initials Game History we were live at Buffalo Wild Wings in Las Vegas, NV! Zach Daniels was off the rails, Mark Rosen was playing The Initials Game but it was the Chris Hawkey show this day in Sin City!

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